Bug fixes 🐞

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  • on 2022-04-19

We've been working on improving stability and performance.

Specifically, we fixed the following issues:

🐞 App failing to start or quit in some cases (multiple issues)
🐞 App tray or dock icons being unresponsive (multiple issues)
🐞 Indexing stopping when internet connectivity changed
🐞 App not exiting when internet connectivity changed
🐞 App main window re-opening when closed
🐞 High background CPU usage
🐞 Clipboard disconnecting on app restart
🐞 "Connect app" interface not showing
🐞 Spaces not showing account names on main view
🐞 Problems with email sync using IMAP
🐞 Google Drive, Gmail, and Google calendar sync misbehaving (sync token reset)
🐞 Microsoft Contacts sync due to sync token reset
🐞 Problems connecting certain Microsoft accounts
🐞 Problems listing open apps on Windows
🐞 OCR incorrectly enabled by default on Windows

Improved connectors

🔄 Notion: Improved sync reliability and fixed import issues with some pages
🔄 MS Teams: Improved integration to also index files (need to reconnect)
🔄 Salesforce: Improved what data is indexed for search (need to reconnect)