ChatGPT integration

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  • on 2023-04-21

BIG NEWS Curiosity now includes ChatGPT! 🤖

ChatGPT and other modern language models are changing the way we work and they're evolving at breakneck pace. Today we're delighted to announce that the Curiosity app now includes an "AI assistant" using an integration with ChatGPT.

That means you can now instantly access the power of ChatGPT by pressing Alt+Space (⌥+Space on Mac)! ⚡️

To use it, just open the Command Bar, select the "AI Assistant", and start chatting. You can also access the AI Assistant from a button in the lower left sidebar. We'll follow up shortly with more amazing features based on this integration.

Since the AI Assistant uses ChatGPT, your chats will be sent to OpenAI and stored there for 30 days (only you can see them). All your other data stays on your computer. If you'd rather not send anything to the cloud, just disable the AI assistant.

For now, the AI Assistant will be included for free with Curiosity Pro licenses.

We hope you enjoy the amazing power of the AI Assistant as much as we do. We look forward to your feedback on what else you'd like to use it for in the app! 🎉