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  • on 2022-03-30

We released a bunch of fixes and updates. Here goes...


🌟 Reduced installed size by 150MB
🌟 Added support for multiple IMAP accounts
🌟 Added setting to enable OCR on Windows
🌟 Added setting for types of files to index for local files and apps
🌟 Improved time filter
🌟 Improved highlight style on dark mode

Improvements for connections

πŸ” Fix for MS Teams sync failing due to empty messages or attachments
πŸ” Fix for problems with MS Teams authentication handling
πŸ” Fix for errors during Gmail sync due to empty email body
πŸ” Fix for Salesforce not importing all supported types
πŸ” Fix for Salesforce OAuth renew failing
πŸ” Partial fix for Notion sync that was breaking on some pages
πŸ” Fix for handling empty folder names when connecting entire drives
πŸ” Fix for browser integrations failing in some conditions

Bug fixes

🐞 Fix for β€œPause indexing” not working correctly
🐞 Fix for app not starting on macOS
🐞 Fix for error on opening the app for the first time on macOS
🐞 Fix for missing Select All on macOS
🐞 Fix for β€žmanage accountβ€œ website opening wrong account for AppSumo users
🐞 Better timeout handling for account creation
🐞 Fix for count of β€žFiles pending indexingβ€œ
🐞 Fix for error when reading open apps on macOS when there are no open apps