Improvements 2024-02

We improved quite a few things to make using the app easier and more intuitive:

  • Searching events in the command bar now shows the event name
  • In the in-app help added a link to keyboard shortcut cheat-sheet
  • In the inbox, emails now show attachments
  • Draft emails are saved including when they're written by the AI Assistant
  • Added a setting to limit how far back old files should be extracted (to limit indexing load)
  • Added a date to email previews
  • In the Command Bar, dates are no longer interpreted as filters (improved handling)
  • The bubble for the AI Assistant is no longer shown for marked text when the text is in the search bar
  • Indexing now ignores hidden files on Mac
  • The number of search hits now also shown in App spaces (e.g., Notion)
  • Improved the colors of the time-grid in file scheduling preferences
  • Google Docs now open preview inside the app (not always in browser)
  • Added a missing scroll-bar to the accounts filter in the Organizations view